Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rajkahini - A review

There's love,
There's fight...
There's stooping low,
And soaring to a height.
The shame and the pain,
The utter disdain,
The blood, the tears...
The hidden fears.
It makes you look back,
It makes you look away...
And it gets so dark,
You can't tell night from day.
It's a story,
Of a time
That scarred us for life.
It's a movie with a soul
That will stay with us for a while.

It's corny!

One of my favourite childhood memories is of buying roasted corn from the roadside vendor who sat outside our apartment building many evenings. Sprinkled with salt and lemon, it was a delicacy bought with our pocket money. Sitting on the common staircase of the building and chatting away with friends until nightfall... we relished every bite. Then came the fancy little stalls at the big shopping malls, which sold buttered corn in paper cups, served with spoons. They did taste good...but were no match to the corn cobs of our childhood, rustic and charred. Reliving one such evening in our backyard today and wondering "why we ever grew up!".