Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doing a Dylan

How many hairs have I lost this year?
How many plates have I washed?
How many times did I poop and puke?
How wise have I been with water?

The answer my friend,
Is flowing in the drain...
The answer is flowing in the drain.

(No offence to Dylan, but seems like the key things in life can be traced back to our drainage systems.)

And now for the real song, just so that you don't leave this post promising never to come back again...

You better be working very hard...

(Part of the Letters to My Little Girl series)

Dear Shanaya,

Last week, much to my shock (and Daddy’s), you announced:
 “I only like shopping and partying”.
At 2.5yrs, we were expecting things like “playing”, “dancing”, “drawing” or even “watching cartoons” to be your favourites. But no…not yours.
We can already tell that you’ll keep us on the edge of our seats, as we watch you grow up. And boy, how we are looking forward to that!
But just one thing…
Both shopping and partying require money. So we hope you can follow your dreams, work very hard, and make some money to fund your leisure activities. 
Daddy and I will be saving for your college and maybe some travel…but shopping and partying will have to be self-funded, my dear.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Your Nickname

(Part of the Letters to My Little Girl series)

Dear Shanaya,
Your nickname isn’t a typo. We did mean it to be Chiku, the Indian name of the sapodilla, which is a tropical fruit known for its sweetness. It has nothing to do with “cheeky”, which is an adjective we’d rather not have associated with you.
P.S. Written after one of the lovely educators at your day care told us that you have taken a little boy under your wings, call him your “baby” and feed him crayons.