Guest Series

Faux Pas...we all make them. And usually they are hilarious (if not for the person who made it, surely for someone who witnessed it). And most often, even the person who made it, can laugh about it (after a few drinks...or a few years). Either way, they make great stories over dinner or drinks, don’t you think?

Now, I am terrible at remembering things. And so are some of you, as you tell me. So why not preserve our golden faux pas in this very blog?

So here's the ultimate faux pas preserver: The Faux Pas and Morals, Guest Series.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the support of some of my friends, who volunteered to go public with some of their most embarrassing moments. So here’s thanking them for their sheer courage...and love for me.

The order in which the posts appear on my blog is dictated by the order in which they were sent to me.

It’s open for anyone who cares to share. So, if you have a faux pas story to tell, be my guest.

Bravo, to these guys: