Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Some days are shorter than the others
Some longer
Some days make you feel chirpy and light
Others stamp you down with soiled boots
Some days you wake up humming a happy tune…
On others, it seems you did not sleep at all
Some days remind you of sunlight on a paddy field
Or bees around a golden beehive…sweet, light, and bright
Others take you through dingy dark alleys
Stopping by smelly drains and rotten garbage

I wonder if each day would be the same
Would it be better or worse?
Is monotony better than the risks of variety?
Is each day really a gift? Each morning a Christmas?
As you open the invisible gift wrap every morning, you frown or you smile
Just like Christmas gifts that you like or hate
Life does not take you Christmas shopping…like your friends do
So you don’t have a say
Take it or leave it
Or cry all you may
Life won’t take you shopping every day.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My latest fancy...

After years of loving the music of Umrao Jaan, Ijaazat and Masoom, I never thought I would drift this far. Guess, it's age...or boredom.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to find the right Dream?

Most people live their lives trying to find the means to fulfill a dream...
And here I am...living my life trying to find a suitable dream for myself...
Now, where does that place me on the Dream Ladder?? I am not on it...I am not even close to it.

The wise ones who started watering their dream sapling quite early in their lives...are the ones that are now gazing at a fully-grown tree ready to flower and fruit. The even wiser ones (who started even earlier) have probably already eaten a fruit or two...

And here I am...shopping for a seed...in fact window-shopping for that illusive seed that will one day grow into a tree (in case you have already lost me in this greenhouse of imagery...I am still talking about dreams).

Assuming I start late (really late)...is there a chance that I will at least have a dream some day? I mean, I understand that 'fulfilling' a dream needs a lifetime...and considering that I have lost almost half of my lifetime, I would be happy if I can manage to at least ‘have’ a dream (if not fulfill it).

So that's what this is about....trying to find a dream...that may not be achievable...but is fun just 'having'. This is what consumerism has done to me...I like to 'have' things...whether I need it or use it...or ever open the packaging… does not matter.

Before getting further pulled into yet another web of boring imagery (This time 'shopping'...can you believe it? How cheap can I get?)...let me stop for a glass of water.

OK, had a glass…and am back at the dream chase.

So where was I? Ah! Finding the right dream...

If a dream hasn’t chosen you…and you can’t choose a dream spontaneously….this is probably the way to do it:

1. Make a list of things you are good at. (That's an empty list for me...if I do not consider cleaning my home slippers with a used, discarded toothbrush.)

2. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing. (That's a long list for me....but I am afraid, none of them can be a raw material for a useful, meaningful dream...I mean...I can't obviously dream of opening a club where people meet every evening after work...and talk while they clean their ears with ear buds! That's sick....but that's what I enjoy doing most apart from picking my teeth with a toothpick.)

3. Compare the two lists and make a list of common items. (No common items for me…I am not very good at doing things I enjoy doing…but I assume most people have at least a few in common).

4. Consider what’s doable, sustainable, interesting, acceptable, fits into your lifestyle smoothly , useful etc. (These are important because you must be able to pursue the dream and not give up either because it is boring, time consuming, not feasible, needs too many adjustments in your life style or is totally inappropriate or unacceptable [like most of mine are].)

5. Choose a dream.(This shouldn’t be too difficult if you have done steps 1 to 4 sincerely)

6. Do some research on how you can pursue your chosen dream. (For example, if you want to open a silver boutique (I know someone who has this beautiful dream)…invest some time in market research, talk to people who have been there and done that, get your facts and figures right…think about profit and loss and how that affects your life…think about your USP (unique selling point), think about how you can innovate etc.

7. Find some time every day to work towards your dream. (Every day is key here…because if you really want it…you need to work for it on a regular basis…and I can’t think of anything more regular than every day! Every hour or every minute would be too much…if you find yourself thinking about your dream every hour or every minute…wait for my next blog post on ‘How to find the right Obsession?’)

8. Live your dream. (Either on a part-time basis if it is something like writing a book…or on a full-time basis if it is something like opening a restaurant. Both my examples are not quite right…as you can be a full-time writer or a part-time restaurateur).

It is important to ‘have’ a dream…and sometimes just ‘having’ a dream justifies its existence. If you have thought about it….worked towards it…or simply visualized yourself in that picture-perfect moment of dream-turned-reality….I would say…you are doing quite well compared to your peers (like me).

But if you really want to achieve anything in life…(or just want to keep your job)….you must start with the very basics….that is…stop wasting time reading crappy blogs like mine…and get going!

P.S. I am not sure what impression I have conveyed about the ‘seriousness’ of my dream-search, but I would like to reiterate that I have been feeling pretty strongly about it and have been quite upset for not having a dream/hobby/passion. Those who understand my frustration…cry on my shoulder…. those who don’t…GO WATER YOUR SEED/PLANT/TREE (depending on which stage your dream is in.)