Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Some days are shorter than the others
Some longer
Some days make you feel chirpy and light
Others stamp you down with soiled boots
Some days you wake up humming a happy tune…
On others, it seems you did not sleep at all
Some days remind you of sunlight on a paddy field
Or bees around a golden beehive…sweet, light, and bright
Others take you through dingy dark alleys
Stopping by smelly drains and rotten garbage

I wonder if each day would be the same
Would it be better or worse?
Is monotony better than the risks of variety?
Is each day really a gift? Each morning a Christmas?
As you open the invisible gift wrap every morning, you frown or you smile
Just like Christmas gifts that you like or hate
Life does not take you Christmas shopping…like your friends do
So you don’t have a say
Take it or leave it
Or cry all you may
Life won’t take you shopping every day.


SRK said...

came here thru Spiderman...

nice post :)

The Ketchup Girl said...

prose or poetry, nice attempt. Why don't u take your life out to shop sometimes?

Debanjana said...
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