Sunday, June 14, 2009

I like

On realizing that I am horribly pessimistic and depressed for most part of my waking hours, I decided to list the little things in life that make me happy but don’t cost as much. They are priceless.
  1. I like sitting on a window sill and reading a book, while the afternoon sun shines down on its pages.
  2. I like dipping a biscuit in tea (especially the ‘toast’ biscuits that the roadside tea stalls sold for 20 paisa) and biting off its soggy head.
  3. I like licking off Masala Maggi gravy from the plate.
  4. I like sitting on the bathroom pot and day dreaming about the cruise to Great Barrier Reef.
  5. I like colorful new pillow cases and crisp bed spreads that are free of dust mites.
  6. I like listening to Amit singing a happy song (totally off the tune, sometimes) in his shower.
  7. I like opening a juicy ‘paan’ and nibbling at the colorful sweet stuffing inside.
  8. I like the sound of the door bell and cheerful guests pouring in for the evening.
  9. I like watching people opening gift wraps and squeaking in surprise and delight.
  10. I like the waves taking away the sand beneath my feet and giving me some white foam in return.
  11. I like the smell of incense sticks that Ma lights every day after her bath.
  12. I like a sudden call from a friend who is so far away...yet so close.
  13. I like to hear Rio speaking gibberish over the phone…or Rai telling me of her birthday wish list.
  14. I like steaming ginger tea when my throat feels funny and my nose feels runny.
  15. I like waking up to the smell of fried bacon and scrambled eggs on Sundays.
  16. I like going through the family album with my sister and laughing about good old days.
  17. I like going for drives to 24-hour coffee shops in the middle of the night.
  18. I like my trips to the DVD parlors and coming back ‘loaded’.
  19. I like going through my box of ‘keep sakes’ and let the past sweep me off.
  20. I like the sound of my computer shutting down at the end of a day’s work.

This was such a gratifying exercise that I request my blog friends to do the same. Debanjana, KG, Spiderman, Shoma (and any other reader who would like to join in)…could you all come up with a similar list in your own blogs? Bigger or smaller…doesn’t matter.


Debanjana said...

will come up with one soon....will keep u this one

Debalina said...

I accidentally landed here while passing by and I am happy I did...this one is beautiful and I have already begun this most gratifying exercise...see how you've inspired people...

spiderman! said...

Loved number 19...

The Ketchup Girl said...

i've been tagged? :D Awesome post babe. hae u noticedd tor fan club expand hochche? :-) Law of attraction. Secret boi kinli?

Ritika said...

(20)who doesn't like it. (20) i want you to come right now. loved it. :D

Shoma said...

I feel like you wrote it for me :) allllllll of it...from the beds (that you already know from my posts on cal) to the keepsake box :)

very very warm :)

Scribbler :) said...

@ Debanjana and KG - Thanks so much for writing on my tag. Loved your individual 'I like' posts.

@ Spiderman and Shoma - Thanks for your comments. So when are you coming up with your lists?

@ Debalinadi and Ritika - Am glad you 'liked' my 'likes' :)