Thursday, November 12, 2009

Survival of the Fattest – Grand Opening

Dear Readers,
Today is a special day. I introduce to you, my very own blog-serial called Survival of the Fattest. Through it I will share with you, on a regular basis, the joys of being on the wrong side of the weighing scale. Enough has been written on how good it feels to be slim and trim. Time for a different perspective.

Today's fat fact -
Fat fact 1: A big tummy won't let you paint your own toe nails.
But it doesn't let you see your own toe nails either, when you are standing straight. One less thing to think about. Imagine all the great things you could do with the extra time. Save the planet, perhaps?


Madmax said...

Among the flip sides ... We guys can't see the belt while putting it on .. and we end up fighting a losing battle, trying to make the protrusion go into the correct orifice .. it either ends up being too tight or too loose .. Trust me. I know. I have suffered till the wife threatened throwing me out of the house if I did not go and buy a treadmill and use it. I did. For 3 months. Now we use it to house the extra shoes :-)

Daisy Blue said...

A new series on the way huh? FUnny tip ;)