Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our family is growing...

And suddenly, we are a family of 11. Some of us...2 to be more precise, prefer to stay indoors. While the other 9, prefer the pond outside. Yes, we have a new house now....with our very own fish pond too!

Introducing 9 new characters in the Sen family. I apologise to them for not coming up with gender-based names; but I thought they would hate me even more if I held them out of water to inspect their bottoms to determine their gender (not sure if that’s where lies the secret):

Anarkali, Kathakali, Peyajkali - They are coy, Japanese coy (Koi)...and their names are part of an aquatic experiment to see if fish can get an identity crisis if they are named after legendary humans, dance forms and vegetables.

Katrina – The prettiest gold fish named after the Bollywood actress. No prizes for guessing who named her. If you know why I am forced to watch trash Hindi movies starring Katrina Kaif, you will pretty much know why we have one in our pond. She exercises all day (swims every second, while the others often float lazily, enjoying the sun and the moss). And really watches her diet (eats the least) to maintain that figure of hers. She may have won quite a few pond enemies and I am praying there are no cat fights in there. (Can fish have cat fights anyway? But I do have catfish in the pond too!)

Gupi and Bagha – The 2 catfish, rather shy. My tribute to the legend that Ray was....and hopes for some good song and drums for the pond mates. Again, not sure if fish enjoy song and drums. Maybe their version of it involves sending out bubbles of different shapes and sizes and creating ripples of varying lengths. Will need to watch them for a while to know.

Utpal Dutt – Another Japanese Coy (JC). Need some good quality sense of humour in the house, considering that Amit’s and mine are pretty rotten.

Dilip Kumar – JC, again. What’s a home without some drama?

Arjun Rampal – Another JC. I thought I needed some macho presence in the pond... to keep Katrina motivated and to stop fights and maintain pond peace.

So that's that. I have christened them now...and I already worry if they don't eat their food. True, I don't need to change nappies. But I still deserve a belated Mother's Day gift. Anybody listening?


The Ketchup Girl said...

hahahahha. you know what i thought, don;t you when i read the title of your post!! but this is even more awesome! the names are by far the sweetest and it only goes to show how much the parents thought over each one. My personal favs are the Gupi, bagha and Utpal Dutt! When can i come see all of you. promise will come with gifts for all. :)

Scribbler :) said...

Thanks, KG. Those are my favorite names too...after PeyajKoli of course ;)

You are welcome anytime, dear. As for the gifts, hang on, will send you the list :)

amber said...

A very huge Congratulations dear for your house and new members at home.....names are really sweet and it seems am already friends with them....so sweet i like Katrina, quite my opposite,,haha!
U are clever enough to have one Arjun Rampal also..Just wondering how will you look after all your kids...all the best new mom!!

manikarn said...

Congrats! You made me miss Gadhesh. btw , are they not Jap Koi?

Scribbler :) said...
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Scribbler :) said...

@ Manikarn - Yes, the original word is Koi indeed. From where the word "coy fish" is derived. Would have been more correct to call them Koi. But I used "coy" for its other meaning too :)

Have added Koi in brackets now :)

And I love the name Gadhesh. Should have told me earlier; might have stolen it.

manikarn said...

Ha, I liked that other meaning a lot :)

Debanjana said...

My goodness....that is unbelievable naming...especially Utpal Dutta...unbelievable....congratulations on the new house....BTW....kathakali, peyajkali etc. remind me of Laden brothers....truly you :)

Dip Narayan said...

A few questions ma'am:

1. How do you know that Arjun Rumpal is not actually a Pretty Zinta and Anarkali a Salim in drag?

2. What scientific methods did you employ for determining their gender before you named them?

3. You know how you are sowing seeds of gender confusion in their tender gills and fins?

Given names is a huge responsibility. If you do not do it well, it could turn into calling names. For example, I never was sure about the love of teh parenst of a child called "Bhutai."

Also, reminds of the names of a friend's paratuto mashi's sisters: Otoshikaya, Bitopichhaya, and Manoshimaya. Some unkind person added that if their parents had more kids they would have been named Nepali Aaya and Lace'r Shaya.

Therefore, make not light of you responsbility ma'am!

Scribbler :) said...

@ Dip - You are kidding about your friend's paratuto mashi's sisters, right? (the relationship itself sounds like staright out of abol tabol)

And true, I don't take credit for gender accuracy. But my fish don't seem to mind...in fact, I have a feeling, they quite like their names :)