Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Good Thing

The other day, I realised that there are more things that annoy me than make me happy. That’s not a good realisation, as you will guess.

  • Spot a skinny lady on the bus – Annoyed.
  • Pick up a handbag at a store... and then make eye contact with a price tag that equals my pay check – Annoyed.
  • Find a public toilet when I badly need one...but realise that there is no toilet roll once the job is done – Annoyed.
  • Come back home to find no left overs or ready-to-eat food in the freezer – Annoyed.

    (All of the above happened to me on a single day, in that sequence)

But this post is not meant to be about the negatives. It’s about that one good thing that is so easily accessible, so affordable, so within my control...and such a joy.

It can light up an evening... even after the most terrible day at work.
It can light up a day...just the anticipation of going home to it.
It can make a whole weekend worthwhile.
It is easy and fun.
It can shut up when I want it to.
It is unconditionally good to me...even if I haven’t dressed up for it, or cooked it a meal.
It picks up my call even at the wee hours of night.
It doesn’t judge me when I burst into tears or laugh like a hyena.
It keeps me company when everybody else seems to have “other plans”.

Movies, what would I do without you?

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