Monday, April 11, 2011

The Confluence

You found love at that young age
And an engagement ring on the dresser
You realised what it is to be happy.
And it changed your life forever.

You found yourself touring the world
Hills, oceans or was it the plains?
One moment you were with the Pharaohs
But in a blink, you were in Spain.

You found yourself in his arms,
And in the embrace, you’ll hit a chord.
You found he understood you
Even when you didn’t say a word.

You found a baby in your belly
And you closed your eyes in prayer.
You found it was a little girl
Who brought all the joy in your share.

You found you were a family
Growing stronger in love each day
Together, the three of you,
Could keep life’s storms at bay.

You found he woke up at night,
And couldn’t sleep very well.
Was it stress? A secret love affair?
Something was wrong... was all you could tell.

You found yourself at the Chemos
The love of your life was in pain.
You found yourself wiping his tears.
And swallowing your vain.

You found yourself at his death bed.
Dying to join him in death.
But holding onto his little girl,
You had to live...
Amidst the tears you shed.

Dedicated to my friend, whose name means “Confluence”. Praying that she finds all the strength she needs.


sreoshi said...

You have left me speechless...praying for our friend...

The Ketchup Girl said...

this is heart rending. Hope she finds strength.

CooperPatel said...

Good poetry.