Monday, October 15, 2012

Mahalaya 2012

Contrary to last year, there were no major dramas this Mahalaya.

The Man-Who-Doesn’t-Get-Mahalaya actually made an effort this year and was surprisingly nice.

Not only did he not put up any fight when I told him I wanted to listen to the CD at 5am today morning, he actually downloaded Mahisasura Mardini (lost my CD again) for me last night! Believe it or not, I also convinced him to place the laptop on his side of the bed (saying that my bedside table was too cluttered already), which meant that he would have to hit the Play button at 5am. He agreed to that too (I am quite suspicious of the angelic behaviour).

Maybe I’m being evil. Maybe he was just too happy that I bought him a body pillow as a Mahalaya gift (and bought one for myself too). These are as tall as me and are just the right balance of firm and soft (not so soft that you feel like you’re hugging a squishy lizard…nor hard enough to remind you of a tree trunk). I would highly recommend it to anyone with back problems or partners who hate to be hugged when sleeping. I think body pillows make perfect Mahalaya gifts too. If you have a comfortable night’s sleep, you are more likely to be less reluctant to wake up in the morning. No?

Anyway, we went to bed last night hugging our new body pillows. And when the alarm went off, I nudged him lightly to see if a kick was to follow (like last year). Nothing. He actually turned to the other side and turned the computer on.
Suddenly, a horrible scary thought gripped my lungs. What if he had downloaded something else by accident? You know the weird things people post on the web these days with deceptive names! Damn, I should have checked. What if it wasn’t Mahisasura Mardini at all but yet another version of Gangnam Style? Can you imagine how scarred I would be for life if that was the case?

My misery did not last for long. The familiar voice sounded loud and clear and filled our room with the “pujo-pujo-gondho”.  Except that he had put it in a loop and the chandipath started again, just when it had ended.  

Would the goddess be angry for being invoked again, right after she has taken all that trouble to kill the evil forces? Does anyone know?

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Ani said...

No she wouldn't. It takes a few tries to get her to listen if you are calling from as far away as Perth. Shubho Mahalaya, Deblina, and even though he doesn't get it, Shubho MAHALAYA to Amit as well.